Building an ecosystem for purpose driven global citizens
Connected Worldwide aims to offer various tools and information services to help participants build an impact first future. We are at the BETA stage. Please apply if you are interested to be among the founding members.
Community Platform
We offer a good environment to initiate and foster collaboration
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Join our events or partner up with us to organize you own on Our Web Lounge
Matchmaking & Networking
Generate meaningful connections and schedule valuable meetings
Member & Company Profiles

You may create effective member and company profiles to showcase your projects and experience.

The searchable directory is public, and comes with matchmaking capabilities.

Marketplace of Opportunities
Our Web Lounge members can publish any offers and needs they wish to connect around. Be it services you offer or ideas and projects you are scouting for, all is possible.

The marketplace provides custom fields for the documents, images, videos etc, to perfectly convey specific needs.

Why join?
Our tools and services are accessible by our community.
Present your projects, exhibit at events, and connect with different communities.
Investment Strategy
Follow the trends, contact project developers, and adjust your investment strategy. Alternatively, perhaps advertise your available fundraising opportunities.
Connected Worldwide offers matchmaking services between social entrepreneurs, talent, and possible supporters. Co-developing, launching pilot programs, and forming partnerships are all possible.
Exclusive Events
Join our digital and hybrid events to uncover what the future holds. Connect with key people and exhibit your solutions to the wider market.
Connected Worldwide is an early stage initiative that accepts its participants by invitation. We select our members from the companies and destinations that develop products, services and social projects for mobile professionals. If you invest in this field and believe that it will benefit you to participate in this community, you can contact us at In addition, our network is open to the participation of digital traveler communities from various parts of the world. Please contact us using the e-mail address shared above for all your questions and more detailed information.